The Community Reinvestment Act "CRA", passed by Congress in 1977, encourages financial institutions to help meet their communities' needs - through safe and sound lending practices and by providing retail banking and community development services.

An amendment to the Community Reinvestment Act in 1990 requires that each bank's CRA rating be made public. Accordingly, banks and thrifts must maintain a public CRA file that contains the public section of their most recent CRA Performance Review, a list of services and branches, written comments from the public, and certain other information.

In addition, banks must post a notice in their lobbies that describes the purpose of the Community Reinvestment Act. This notice also explains that the public has a right to review the bank's CRA file and to make written comments about the bank's CRA performance. Also, the notice provides the name of the federal regulator of the bank and states whether the bank is owned by a holding company.

If you have any questions or would like copies of Colonial's Public File please contact Caroline Cranz, CRA Officer​

The following document and attachments comprise the updated CRA Public File for Colonial Savings, F.A. for the year 2023.

Bank Profile & List of Branch Locations


List of Branches Opened and Closed​ ​


List of Services at Branches​


CRA Performance Evaluation​


Map of the Assessment Area​


CRA Disclosure Statement​


Loan-to-Deposit Ratio​


Public Comments & Letters of Appreciation ​

  1. JA Chisholm Trail Donation Thank You Letter - February 8, 2022
  2. Optimist Club Thank You - February 2022
  3. NTCF Thank You Letter - March 8, 2022
  4. FWISD - Bruce Shulkey Elementary Thank You Letter - March 2022
  5. Center for Transforming Lives - Thank You Letter - March 8, 2022
  6. The Women's Center of Tarrant County - Thank You Letter - March 2022
  7. Trinity Habitat for Humanity Thank You Letter - June 2022
  8. Center for Transforming Lives Thank You Letter - July 2022
  9. Stripling Middle School Thank You Note - August 2022
  10. YWLA Donation Thank You Letter - September 2022
  11. DRC Thank You Letter - September 2022
  12. MBA Opens Doors Foundation Thank You - September 2022
  13. Southern Dallas Progress - Complaint Against Colonial Savings - October 2022
  14. Colonial Savings Response to Southern Dallas Progress - October 2022
  15. Southern Dallas Progress - Discrimination Compliant against Colonial Savings - October 2022
  16. Response to OCC Regarding Southern Dallas Progress Complaint - October 2022
  17. DRC Solutions Thank You - October 2022
  18. Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth Thank You - October 2022
  19. SafeHaven Thank You - October 2022
  20. Cleburne Education Foundation Thank You - November 2022
  21. Ryan Family YMCA Thank You - November 2022
  22. Austin Habitat for Humanity Thank You - December 2022
  23. Christmas in Action Thank You - December 2022
  24. The Salvation Army Thank You - December 2022
  25. Center for Transforming Lives - February 2023
  26. DRC Solutions - February 2023
  27. The Women's Center - February 2023
  28. Center for Transforming Lives - March 2023
  29. Optimist Club of Fort Worth - March 2023
  30. PTSD Help For Veterans Thank You - May 2023
  31. Bruce-Shulkey-Elementary-Thank-You-Notes.pdf


​​HMDA Disclosure Statements